There are separate hostels for both men & women. Our hostel is well secured

The hostel provides a calm and relaxing atmosphere to accelerate the creative talents of the students. To facilitate a pleasant environment the CPTC hostel is so designed as to provide a sense of belonging, security and care as well as a spirit of independence, within reasonable limits. This hostel is just another home for the students. It gives the comfort and feel of being with one's family.


Members of the teaching staff are appointed as Resident Tutors in the hostel. Inmates may contact Hostel Resident Tutors for guidance to moral and emotional support. Slow learners are identfied, techniques & regular follow ups are adopted to improve their performance. Necessary medical treatments & consultation are provided in the hostel premises.


A block for hostel is under construction near main block of in stitution. Along with the upcoming block two other blocks are available one for boys and the other for girls to reside. Transportation from hostel to college and back is provided.


Required level of security and safety mea sures makes the students as well as parents to feel comfortable and is environmentally well placed. The hostel facility is very ideal for pursuing academic goals. Two securities are put on daily Night Duty who makes vigilant rounds around the hostel


Hostel Mess is run by the Management through private contractor under the guidance of the Principal and Administrative officer. Vegetarian as well as Non- Vegetarian food is served in the hostel. Mess charges are collected on an annual basis. Parents and guests are allowed to consume food by paying for them


1.Daily newspaper and magazine are provided.
2.Hostel rooms are furnished with single bed, a study table, chair and bookshelf with good ventilation and lighting.
3.Uninterruptable Power Supply is available for steady supply of electricity.
4.Ozonised drinking water facility to purify salt water.