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The most diverse of all Engineering fields, Mechanical Engineering influences almost all facets of our life. The faculties of Mechanical Department infuse entrepreneurship, Dissemination of knowledge in numerous specialization and intricate technologies to enhance societal comforts. Our students are taught to think, to understand, and to acquire Further knowledge of their own. An amicable Environment prevails in the Department, especially between the Faculties and the Students. Our faculties exhibit personal care on Students and educate them to tackle their tasks analytically & find better ways to solve it. The responsibilities of the Mechanical Engineers to design machines that are safe reliable and efficient are emphasized. Conducting seminars, workshops and conferences on the recent developments of Mechanical Engineering, arranging Industrial Visits and expert lectures for the benefit of the students are habitual in the Department. The Department has good infrastructural facilities and the laboratories are equipped full-fledged with, CNC Lathe, CNC Milling, Mechanical desktops namely CAD/CAM, AUTOCAD, Pro-E, ANSYS, CATIA etc. to trainthem trainthem personally and professionally. The Department's mission is to generate employable mechanical engineering graduates with knowledge, skills and ethics; provide them with the professional and soft skills necessary to lead a successful career and peaceful life and equip them with the confidence necessary to contribute to society by performing in their respective chosen fields of endeavor.